One of the best ways to grow in our relationship with Jesus is to study His Word. The word “study” actually means to acquire knowledge through investigation and reflection. So the purpose of each Bible Study produced by Morning Star Studies is to help people do this so that they can know The Word and live it out.
A workbook is included with each Bible study, and within each workbook you will find:

  • A place to take notes during the lecture along with the Scripture verses used in the lecture
  • Study/Discussion questions that review each lecture and also prepare the student for the following lesson.
  • Each lesson also includes a Memory Verse and a Prayer for the week.
  • Plus, a Daily Quiet Time section is included, which gives helps and ideas of how to study God’s Word on a personal basis during the week and how to journal and pray about what God is revealing.

By covering the material within each lesson in a number of different ways, Morning Star Bible Studies truly do help a person to acquire knowledge of the Bible and of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

These lessons are available in video and audio formats for individuals, small groups and churches that desire theologically sound Bible studies. And teacher Elaine Burtin currently leads Bible studies at two different church locations in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. Visit the "News" section to see what is currently being offered.

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