Studying God's Word should be exciting and life changing and it is my prayer that these studies will help you or your group discover the treasures that come from growing your personal relationship with Jesus. I began my quest to intimately know my Savior over twenty-five years ago when I joined a Bible Study Fellowship class where God allowed me to gain invaluable training as a discussion leader for five years. He then led me to learn about inductive Bible study through a number of Precept studies. In 1994, I realized that God was calling me to develop a detailed, but simplified method of teaching His Word. During the past 20 years, I have been blessed to teach thousands of women and men and have had the privilege to train small group leaders and other potential teachers. This experience has led to mentoring opportunities with women of all ages as well. During the past several years my husband, Alan, and I felt led to begin offering these studies in video and audio format because of constant requests from my students. God now seems to be expanding my territory again as He has opened the door for me to write online devotionals, and to partner with my home church, The Met, in Fort Worth, TX to write Life Group studies, weekly Life Apps and a New Believer's Brochure. 

Morning Star Studies is based on a favorite verse of mine- 2 Peter 1:19, which encompasses our goal: To teach God's Word so that we will pay attention to the Word as to a Light shining in the darkness, until the "Morning Star" (Jesus) daily rises in our hearts. It is our prayer that through this ministry, God will be glorified and Jesus, the Morning Star, will shine brighter in our hearts.


Vision & Purpose

The purpose of Morning Star Studies is based on 2 Peter 1:19: “And we have the word of the prophets made more certain, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the Morning Star rises in your hearts.”

This verse encompasses our goal and our vision. Our goal is “To Spread the Light of God’s Word” and our vision is: To teach God’s Word to men and women of all ages and spiritual maturity so that we would all pay attention to the Truth of God’s Word because it is a Light which is shining in the darkness. Here at Morning Star Studies our greatest goal is to see The Morning Star – Jesus Christ living and reigning in the hearts of students as they become true followers of Christ and learn to live by His Word.