Time To Trust


Time To Trust

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A 12 week study teaching women how to trust God in all situations and through all types of trials.

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Lesson 1 - Overview and Bathsheba
Lesson 2 - The Queen of Sheba and Jezebel
Lesson 3 - The Widow of Zarephath and The Shunammite
Lesson 4 - Esther- From Rags to Riches
Lesson 5 - Gomer
Lesson 6 - Mary - Mother of the Messiah
Lesson 7 - Elizabeth and Anna
Lesson 8 - Martha and Mary
Lesson 9 - The Samaritan Woman and Mary Magdalene
Lesson 10 - Women of Faith
Lesson 11 - Priscilla, Eunice, and Lois
Lesson 12 - The Proverbs 31 Woman


"This class has helped me understand that I have the same experiences and challenges in life as people in the Bible and that I must follow God's Word to get the answers to any questions or situations that come into my life and trust solely in the Lord."

"I have just moved into this area and connecting with a group of Godly women has been invaluable. The lessons are so do-able, meaty, but not overwhelming. I appreciate that because some studies are so burdensome that you immediately get behind. This has been so refreshing."