The Guarantee


The Guarantee

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An 11 session study on the end time taken from Revelation 13 - 22.

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Lesson 1 - Beast #1-The Anti Christ
Lesson 2 - Beast #2-The False Prophet
Lesson 3 - Two Harvests / Bowls of Wrath
Lesson 4 - Mystery Babylon
Lesson 5 - Fall of Babylon
Lesson 6 - Day of the LORD
Lesson 7 - The Wedding / 2nd Coming of Jesus
Lesson 8 - The Battle of Armageddon
Lesson 9 - The Millennium
Lesson 10 - All Things New
Lesson 11 - Jesus Is Coming!



"I loved this class. I have learned so much in Revelation and also in other books of the Bible. This course has set the standard for any classes I take in the future."

"I loved this whole class. Elaine is a gifted teacher, blessed by God to communicate God's Word clearly and plainly with no compromise or watered-down version of opinion."

"This study of Revelation inspires one to seek the blessings of the Kingdom by focusing on God's loving kindness and hope and is delivered by Elaine with compassion, intellect, practicality and a deep commitment to the Truth of God's Word."