'Pact' & Ready


'Pact' & Ready

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An 11 lesson journey explaining all of God's Covenants with mankind and the promises that affect our lives today.

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Lesson 1 - Overview
Lesson 2 - God's Covenant with Noah
Lesson 3 - God's Covenant with Abram: Part I
Lesson 4 - God's Covenant with Abraham: Part II
Lesson 5 - God's Covenant with Moses: Part I
Lesson 6 - God's Covenant with Moses: Part II
Lesson 7 - Jonathan and David: Covenant of Friendship
Lesson 8 - God's Covenant with David
Lesson 9 - The New Covenant
Lesson 10 - The Old Covenant vs. the New Covenant
Lesson 11 - Law or Grace?


"Elaine, your study of Pact & Ready has been truly remarkable. I have been enjoying your lectures very much. Learning about God's promises and covenants has been foundational for me and my beliefs. This course has crystallized my faith by showing me the big picture of God's love for His children."

"This study has brought the entire Bible alive to me. Your journey with us through the Old and New Testaments, showing us why God did what He did, has awakened my zeal to know more about Him."